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Nutritional Cooking

NDIS Dietetics

Our Mission

Our dietitian and experienced registered nursing team will collaborate to provide the highest quality of team care. Research shows that team care is the gold standard for managing long-term illness in the community as it:

  • Enhances YOUR overall healthcare experience.

  • Promotes HIGH-QUALITY care.

Gem Complete Health Services utilise the latest software that enables NDIS participants, their family and support people to access nutrition recommendations and have direct contact with our dietitian.


Our Services

Cooking Workshops & Supermarket Tours

Grocery shopping assistance and supermarket tours with a focus on the nutrition information panel, ingredient lists & food package health claims.

Weight Concern

Evidence-based nutrition consultations that assess your nutrition status and assist you to manage weight concerns.

Manage Long-Term Illness

Assisting you to reduce the risk of/or manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer through sustainable nutrition strategies.

Bell Pepper

Core Food Group Education

Core food group education according to the Australian Guidelines of Healthy Eating.

Meal & Menu Planning

Personalised meal planning for NDIS participants, their support people.

Swallowing Difficulties

Assisting NDIS participants with food and fluid texture modification, enteral feeding & PEG feeding tubes. 

Nutritional Cooking

NDIS Dietetics

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